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We’ve all been there before… looking at a LinkedIn profile with 500+ connections 😮‍💨😫, a resume so thicc and extensive it leaves you thinking “I’ve done nothing with my life 🥲 I’ll never get a good job 🤧”.
NO MORE!! Come to EcoSoc’s resume workshop + linkedin photoshoot, and you’ll never feel like that again 📈📈🧳💯
Jielin (VP of Academics) alongside Indigo (Director of Academics) will be giving out their exclusive secrets 🫢 to shaping up a good resume, and will also be discussing their application experiences so you can land the job of your dreams ‼️
Join us at Colombo Theatre C on the 6/10/2022 (Week 4) from 2pm-4pm

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UNSW School of Economics: Research Assistant (RA) Opportunities


UNSW’s School of Economics has launched a platform on Moodle to recruit Research Assistants (RA) to support their academic staff on various projects!
The RA position is a paid, valuable opportunity which helps you develop new skills and prepare you for further study (e.g. Honours, PhD).
Applications will be open year-round and will be reviewed by the Faculty’s Academics Team. If you have any questions, please send an email to: econRA@unsw.edu.au

Learn more >>

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