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e61 Institute combines innovative data with state-of-the-art tools from economics, data science and statistics to answer the most important economic and social questions facing Australia. They are a not-for-profit economic research institute bringing together problem solvers from academia, industry and government to push the knowledge frontier so that they can tackle the big problems facing our society.

Their work has immediate impact thanks to their strong engagement with the Australian policy landscape. Their research is publicised in the news media, television and radio. They engage with policymakers at the federal and state level through seminars and briefings, and interact with academia through academic workshops and conferences.

HoustonKemp is an economic consultancy based in Sydney providing expert advice and analysis on a broad range of economic matters arising in competition, regulation, finance and policy throughout the Asia Pacific. Their work is at the forefront of economic developments in Australia, including the energy transition toward renewable generation, competition issues in digital platforms, and other high stakes and complex issues across a broad range of industries. Their clients value evidence-based economic analysis that is focused, accessible and capable of withstanding the most intense scrutiny.


HoustonKemp provides a collegial, professional and supportive work environment. The energy, skills and dedication of their staff is their most important asset. HoustonKemp operates with a flat structure with abundant cross-learning opportunities, with engaged senior staff offering guidance and mentorship. Critical to HoustonKemp’s success is a recognition of the importance of life beyond the office, and staff are encouraged to strike a work/life balance that works for them.

Australia’s premier provider of industry research and forecasting services, Oxford Economics Australia is an essential resource for your decision-making. Since 1964, Oxford Economics Australia has been helping clients gain a leading edge by sharing their extensive business database and highly regarded reports. They offer strategy briefings, policy evaluation, expert opinions, and advocacy work. Through tailored projects, they provide value-added research solutions to address specific business issues.


Their reputation is built on a unique blend of three ingredients: proprietary market research, industry networking, and methodologies for forecasting that have stood the test of time. Their team of professionals speak at conferences across Australia and beyond, and are often interviewed in newspapers and on TV.

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