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About Economics Discussion Nights

Hosted weekly by the UNSW Economics Society, Economics Discussion Night is an interactive discussion space for UNSW students passionate about Economics. Join us to hear from a speaker presenting on recent developments in Economics literature, an article of personal interest, or hosting a round-table discussion space.

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Meet Like-Minded Students

Economics Discussion Night is open to students of all degrees, backgrounds, and experiences – all you need to bring is a passion for Economics!

For T1 2022, we currently meet every third Tuesday from 6PM – 7PM where it is hosted on Zoom. However, this schedule will change on a semester basis depending on the availabilities of you guys – the attendees!

If you are interested in attending, join below!

If you would like to present or have any general queries about the event, feel free to contact us at: 


Economics Discussion Night is an eligible extra-curricular activity under the myBCom program through which students can earn Experience Points towards their PLO goal. 

2022 Economics Discussion Nights Themes

Term 1

Episode One
Presented by Raphael Mu
A Solomonic Solution to Ownership Disputes: An Application to Blockchain Front-Running 
Joshua S. Gans and Richard Holden

Term 2

Term 3