Month: June 2020

Market Recap 29th June

IMF forecasts economic circumstances to be worse than post WW2 The IMF has revised their predictions to argue that the global recession will be deeper and the recovery will take longer than initially anticipated. Advanced economies are going to experience a contraction of around 8% and emerging economies will shrink by 5%.

Australia and China: The Romeo and Juliet of Globalisation

A tragic love tale that would captivate Shakespeare himself This is an economic love story like no other, created out of the race to globalisation, the Australian-China trade relationship has been critical to both countries economic success in the last 3 decades.  Yet, like the Shakespearean classic, it seems these ocean crossed lovers are heading …

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Does Australian Manufacturing Deserve a Second Chance?

Manufacturing goes beyond creating job opportunities… Within the realms of universities and schools, it is taught that manufacturing is a sunset industry within Australia because our lack of competitive advantage means the costs outweigh the benefits. The statistics agree with manufacturing going from 28% of GDP in 1960 to 6% of GDP in 2019.

Market Recap 15th June

Let’s start off with a BANG!  The -0.3% growth in the March quarter prompts Josh Frydenberg to announce that  “Australia had entered its first recession in 29 years. As the ABS data below shows the March quarter’s negative figure, growth prediction for the June quarter isn’t looking positive.